Preschool 2’s: Education and Development Program

From the age of 2 to 3 years, socialization is a key aspect of development. They often transition from playing alone to playing actively in groups. Children become more interested in being with others and may initiate conversation by using several words. Sharing, taking turns, respecting, and listening to others are actions that become more meaningful. Because of the strong curiosity in children of this age they are motivated to explore their surroundings and each other in order to better understand themselves. Children are constantly interacting with materials and discovering their different properties through the use of a variety of tools such as droppers and funnels in the water table, brushes, masking tape and scissors. Their classrooms become environments filled with endless possibilities to explore.

Active Learning© was developed at the Frank Porter Graham Child Development Center in Chapel Hill NC and tested in 17 child development centers. The Active Learning© Curriculum is designed for children from newborn to 24 months of age. The small group activities are designed to develop the senses, the imagination, and the skills to enjoy the arts. Quality care means developmental care that helps children develop both their minds and bodies in a safe and healthy place. Providing quality care is not an easy job. That is why caregivers of two-year-olds have to make everything they do help children feel good about themselves, learn social skills, and develop thinking skills. In childcare, it is not enough to see that children are fed, clean and safe from harm. The custodial care meets only the child’s basic needs for health and safety. Developmental care attempts to meet all the needs of the growing child for love, guidance, and learning.

Twos have much to learn. They need to learn to get along with others and take care of themselves independently. Just as importantly, they need to learn many new skills in thinking and talking. The key to working with TWOS is to remember that they are learning all the time. They will learn more if we give them safe ways to explore and help them think and talk about what they are doing.

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