Pre-Kindergarten: Education and Development Program

Saxon Early Learning® provides a comprehensive curriculum of instructionally sound, yet highly motivating, activities. Sheridan Austin, author of Saxon Pre-K Math®, and Lorna Simmons, author of Saxon Phonics and Spelling K-3® have designed this program to expose the world to all bright-eyed, inquisitive young children in the classroom. Saxon Early Learning® offers children a reassuring first experience in a school environment, as well as an enjoyable introduction to the basic concepts that affect their lives.

On a daily basis, children observe, question, discuss and participate. They learn about manners and working with others, and they become attuned to classroom routines and expectations. The program builds a strong foundation for early literacy skills with activities that build phonemic awareness and introduce children to the relationship between letters and sounds.

Children’s needs and abilities are fully respected in Saxon Early Learning®. Children thrive through a combination of predictable routines, a safe, nurturing environment, and high expectations. Exposure to many interesting concepts, along with a strong emphasis on oral language development and classroom discussion, enhance children’s vocabulary acquisition, boost their self-esteem and self-confidence, and prepare them for future school success.

Saxon Early Learning® is integrated in several different ways: The program fully acknowledges and addresses the many aspects of a strong early childhood curriculum, integrated, social, personal, and emotional development; oral language development; early literacy skills and love of literature; physical development and movement; health and safety; math; science; social studies; technology; and the fine arts. The components of Saxon Early Learning® build upon one another and fit together as an integrated whole. An original literature selection provides the foundation for teaching the concepts, vocabulary, and activities of each week. Four daily lessons unfold in a predictable, logical order and support the weekly topic in an incremental manner. Saxon Early Learning® Strives to integrate the valuable contributions of each child in the classroom, providing special attention to the needs of the English-Language learners and all young children who may need oral language support in order to benefit fully from the activities in this learning system.

The time children spend outdoors every day is just as important to their learning as the time they spend in the classroom. Unless the weather is severe, we take children outdoors every day, often more than once.

Large muscle activities are essential for children’s health and well-being. Too many children today are overweight. One reason is they don’t get the large muscle activity essential for healthy development. Children need time each day to run, leap, hop, jump, slide, climb, and throw and catch a ball. These activities build strong muscles and a sense of pride. They are important for another reason as well. Brain research shows that physical activity actually wakes up the brain for learning.

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Enrichment Classes

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