Infants: Education and Development Program

During the first months of life, children are offered a comfortable, safe environment. Soft cushions, colorful fabrics, textured surfaces, cozy peek-a-boo corners, soothing music, and dim lights are a part of their environment and discoveries.

As our young infants grow, their needs begin to change. Our staff recognize these changes and adjust daily to promote social, emotional, cognitive and gross motor skills. Your infant will hear many stories each day, participate in the Active Learning© activities provided to them by their teachers and may take a stroll in one of our Bye-Bye Buggies….weather permitting of course. In this classroom we witness the most relevant physical changes in a child’s life. Babies begin rolling, lying on their tummies, crawling, then finally standing on two feet learning to be a toddler.

Research shows that an infant desires constant new stimuli. Our infants learn new skills such as how to vocalize and imitate speech sounds, reach for and grasp objects, and turn towards sounds. We provide new activities and opportunities for infants to explore and learn every day!

Enrichment Classes

Enrichment Classes

  • Soccer
  • Stretch & Grow
  • Spanish
  • Ballet
  • Dance
  • Gymnastics
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