Child Education and Development Programs

Our programs help your child to grow socially emotionally and intellectually

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    During the first months of life, children are offered a comfortable, safe environment. Soft cushions, colorful fabrics, textured surfaces, cozy peek-a-boo corners, soothing music, and dim lights are among others part of their environment and discoveries.
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    For most children ages 16 to 24 months, this is their first encounter with school. During this transition from home to a new environment we believe in the importance of creating a strong bond between child and teacher as well as creating a partnership between teachers and parents to support this process. Children have the possibility of building relationships with new friends, adults, and different surroundings.
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    preschool 2
    Preschool 2’s
    From the age of 2 to 3 years, socialization is a key aspect of development. They often transition from playing alone to playing actively in groups. Children become more interested in being with others and may initiate conversation by using several words. Sharing, taking turns, respecting, and listening to others are actions that become more meaningful. Because of the strong curiosity in children of this age they are motivated to explore their surroundings and each other in order to better understand themselves.
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    preschool 3
    Preschool 3’s
    From the age of 3 to 4, children are constantly questioning. They build theories and hypothesis of the world around them, and express their own ideas and thoughts to others. Understanding their surroundings, being aware of our context and having a sense of belonging becomes more significant to the children. They start to create with the intention to obtain a final product. Children are also very selective when it comes to choosing a certain material or tool for a specific purpose.
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    pre kindergarten
    Saxon Early Learning® provides a comprehensive curriculum of instructionally sound, yet highly motivating, activities. Sheridan Austin, author of Saxon Pre-K Math®, and Lorna Simmons, author of Saxon Phonics and Spelling K-3® have designed this program to expose the world to all bright-eyed, inquisitive young children in the classroom. Saxon Early Learning® offers children a reassuring first experience in a school environment, as well as an enjoyable introduction to the basic concepts that affect their lives.
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    School Age/Summer Camp
    We have designed our summer program to offer your child the most possible fun that he/she could have without you by allowing them to explore week long themes like Wild West Week and Space – The New Frontier. We have planned numerous center activities, games, swimming, water play, music, crafts, and field trips around our thematic weeks.
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    backup care program
    Back-up Care Program

    Back-up care is a unique program designed for families who already have a primary child care provider. When children are enrolled in our Back-up Care program, parents simply contact their center of choice to check for availability for their desired date of care.

Enrichment Classes

Enrichment Classes

  • Spanish
  • Ballet
  • Dance
  • Gymnastics
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