Bundle of Joy has been working for us for over two years. They keep us up to speed on our little ones daily activities. Through the use of a smart phone application “Precious Status,” we can see posted pictures our little guys throughout the day, see when they eat, sleep and use the bathroom (which does come in handy). The staff is helpful, pleasant and works with us to time our children’s activity to meet our schedule so after work we aren’t bombarded with dirty diapers or hungry kids. We could not do it without Bundle of Joy.


We love this school! I did a lot of research on daycares in the area when I was expecting and as a K-12 teacher I had pretty high standards. That it is curriculum-based means Bundle of Joy has daily lesson plans that all work towards a larger goal, giving some structure to each day and week. I also enjoy that this facility is screen free and incorporates a lot of outdoor time including a pool in the summer months. Since being there, my son has made significant progress academically and socially. Because he started in the infant room around nine months, he even knows baby sign language, which was a delightful surprise and proved to be a tremendous asset in the following months. Now that he is in the toddler room his vocabulary is growing every day. Everyone is very friendly, and the facility is spotless.

While my husband and I recommend Bundle of Joy to all parents, I think the best compliment is that when we pull into the parking lot, my son tosses whatever he was holding and tries to get out of his car seat with a big grin. Once we get him out of his car seat, he takes our hand and rushes to the front door.


I love this school! They treat my children like part of their family. My oldest loves the teachers and staff here. She constantly refers to some of the teachers as her family. Bundle of Joy-Goochland has a very caring and educated staff. If you are looking for a caring and educated daycare/child development center Bundle of Joy is an excellent choice.


We have been a “bundle” family for over 7 years and have always been very happy with their service. We have 3 kids there ranging from the infant room to after care and not only have they been well cared for, but they’ve also been well educated. Our 2 school age kids tested off the charts and are excelling in elementary school. If ever we have a problem or question, their staff is always willing to make the time to listen. We also love that they provide lunches (which our kids often say they like better than ours!) and healthy snacks. We’ve recommended BOJ to lots of families and will continue to do so!


“I just wanted to take some time to tell you how much you are appreciated. You have been absolutely wonderful during the most difficult time in my life. During Sarah’s recent and ongoing health issues, you have been so supportive and caring. You have cried with me and laughed with me. You have provided Gracie with the consistent, loving, structured environment that she needed in order to help her through her sister’s hospitalization and on going care. She needed something stable in her lift and when I was constantly at the hospital with Sarah.

I appreciate all the ways you supported Sarah through her illness. The cards that the children sent to her helped her through her long multiple stays in the hospital. She still looks through those every so often even though they were sent to her over 3 months ago. Also, the flowers and the Webkinz that you sent to her directly went over very in such a big way for her. She sleeps with her webkinz now.

Moreover, you were there for me. I would walk through the lobby and a simple look, a caring smile, your true concern for me as a mother, was expressed over and over again. I will never forget the kindness that you have shown my family and me.

And then, when I asked if by chance you would be willing to pick Sarah up at school (a school that you currently don’t pick up at) and care for her after school now that she returned full time, you were once again ready to serve by rearranging everything to be able to help out and take care of us again. Even though, we have yet to take advantage of this opportunity, simply the fact that you are ready and willing to do whatever you can, speaks volumes.

To say the least, I am your biggest fan and wanted to make sure that you knew. I continue to sing your praises to anyone and everyone who will listen to me. I feel very blessed to have found such a wonderful family of support here at Bundle of Joy. I am forever grateful for how you have touched my family and that you continue to do so on a daily basis. Thank you.”

Shameera, Mother of 2

The staff and teachers are amazing – friendly, professional and extremely caring. My soon-to-be 3 y/o son has been there for a year and there is a a perfect blend of care and learning. My daughter attends the after-school/summer camp and she loves it! She’s kept active and engaged.

Sam Carnes, Mother of 2

“When we came to visit, Mr. and Mrs. Womack and Mrs. Mulcunry gave us the tour. As we walked through the center, children would run up and hug Mr. Womack around the legs. Mr. and Mrs. Womack stressed that choosing a child care provider was a big decision and it was important to find a place where we felt comfortable. As we finished the tour and stepped outside, my husband and I looked at each other, turned around and walked right back in the door. I knew this was the place where we would feel comfortable.

We entrusted you with the care of our precious children and you have not disappointed us…It is not just the safe environment; the learning; the attractive, clean surroundings; the activities, or the care they received – it is the intangible quality – the feeling that these children are really loved by so many of the people around them, that make this center the best.”

John W. Kupper, Father of 2

“Over the past 3-4 years, our children have grown and developed into wonderful children, thanks in no small way to the loving and conscientious care received at your center. Elaine and I will never be able to adequately express how comfortable we have felt having our children in your care, and how much we feel your facility, staff, and environment have contributed to the healthy growth and development of our children.

THANK YOU!!…Thank you, again, for all you have done. We truly appreciate the care you have provided to our children, and the peace of mind we have had knowing they were in such good hands.”

Bonnie Taylor, Mother of 1

“Words could never express our appreciation for the wonderful love and care you have given our son Grant this past year. You are truly the best! Grant is so happy.”

Kim Cochrane, Mother of 1

“They have been enrolled in your day care for over a year and a half and have loved every minute! I wanted to somehow convey my heartfelt thanks to you and the entire staff at Bundle of Joy. The moment I walked into your learning center, I knew that this was the place I wanted my children to be. As a mother who is responsible for the love and care of her children it has been a pleasure to feel that the staff at Bundle of Joy loves and cares for them as much as I do.

Your program throughout the school year is outstanding. I know that my girls think the summer program is TERRIFIC! Megan and Mariah want to get to day care as soon as possible to make sure that they do not miss out on anything. For that, I am truly grateful. It has been an honor to have had the chance to get to know all of you. Again, thank you for loving and caring for my children and for keeping them safe. I look forward to working with you all in the future.”

Marlee A. Parker, Mother of 2

“All of his teachers have been teachers because they wanted to be with children, and it shows. They have all gone out of their way to make Phillip’s experience a positive one. They don’t just provide care, they teach. My son can count to 50, spell his name and mine, writes many letters, recognizes all shapes, knows all the days of the week, has an extensive vocabulary, knows how to open and exit applications on a computer, how to use a mouse (Clicking, dragging, etc.), knows how to float if he ever falls into a pool (Thanks to the swimming lessons) and has been doing all of theses things since he was four (Many before).

The teachers have always listened to my concerns, even when they were on the way out the door. The Director has always had an open door policy, and, in fact, encouraged me to come to her with any concerns. Not only have they all provided an ear and offered suggestions, but they took actions with appropriate…In looking, for a new facility I have been on many tours. Many of which, were daycares that were more expensive. Nothing has come close to comparing with Bundle of Joy, from the facility itself, to the staff, to the curriculum, all have fallen short. Other facilities saw Bundle of Joy on my application and remarked that, “They run a tight ship,” and “That’s a great school, run by a great family. I just can’t say enough about the wonderful job that they are doing. I’m sure that your experience would be similar.”

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